Refund Policy

By accepting the “Terms” of O2PrePay, you authorize the company to hold, receive, disburse and settle funds on “Your behalf”. This authorization allows us to generate an electronic funds transfer between the payment system providers and our nodal account. Generating this transfer will allow O2PrePay to process each payment transaction that you authorize. Subsequently, you as a “customer” authorize O2PrePay to transfer the payments received from your payment mode such as debit card, credit card or net banking of the bank account designated by “you”. Your consent to the “Terms” of O2PrePay will remain effective until your O2PrePay Wallet account is either closed or terminated.

All sales/purchases done between O2PrePay and the “customer” are final with no refund or exchange permitted. The “customer” is solely responsible for all the information provided for a particular purchase and all charges involved in those purchases. O2PrePay cannot be held responsible for any incorrect purchase made due to incorrect information provided. However, if a “customer” has been charged for a service out of his/her wallet balance, credit/debit card or bank account but the service has not been delivered or failed to complete, the “customer” may place a refund request or inform O2PrePay via email address as mentioned.

O2PrePay shall investigate the entire incident and if it is found to be true that the money was incorrectly deducted or you were charged from your bank account or any other payment mode without delivery of the service, the entire amount charged will be refunded within 7 working days from the date of receipt of your email. All refunds will be credited to the same account from which the amount was incorrectly charged.