By successfully completing the registration process and clicking on the "Terms and Conditions" checkbox, “You” are affirming that you are Eligible to be a User of O2PrePay services and that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by all of these Terms and Conditions of Service (“T&Cs”).

We urge “You” to read all the T&Cs carefully so that “You” are informed of all the promises made by “You” to O2PrePay before successfully completing registration with O2PrePay.

1. Definitions

All of the defined terms in the company’s T&Cs shall have the meaning assigned to them as mentioned below:

“Account” refers to an account that has been created for a User as soon as he/she successfully completes the registration process at This account contains complete information regarding the user’s O2PrePay Wallet.

“Merchant” refers to any of the service providers/establishments that are listed on any of the webpages available at These “Merchants” accept payment through the user’s O2Recgharge Wallet or any other payment method for sale of their services. The list of Merchants available may be updated from time to time without any prior intimation to the “User”.

“O2PrePay Wallet” refers to a payment instrument provided by O2PrePay to the “Users” to avail the services offered by the “Merchants”.

2. Wallet creation

To open an account wallet, it is mandatory for the User to provide O2PrePay with the following “Registration Details”:

  • a valid and functional e-mail address ("Registered E-mail ID");
  • a valid and functional phone number registered in your name ("Registered Phone Number");
  • a password;
  • any additional information that RBI Regulations may prescribe to be necessary to satisfy Know Your Customer norms ("KYC Norms"), or as O2PrePay deem fit.

It is also important to ensure that:

  • The “Registration Details” and any other information provided by the User to O2Recgarge is true to the best of user’s knowledge, information and belief. In case of any data is found to be false or incorrect, the entire liability will be borne solely by the user.
  • It is important to make sure that the user does not share any of the Registration Details with any third party. Failing to do so might land the person in trouble. The user will be held responsible for any activity or transaction conducted using his/her O2PrePay account.
  • O2PrePay holds the right to suspend any account if it deems it to be the most suitable way to end any sort of issue.
  • A user can open only one O2PrePay account using one mobile number registered in his/her name.
  • In case the user forgets the password to his/her account, the user may click on “Forgot Password?” to request a new password. Based on Our sole discretion, we will send the user an e-mail to his/her Registered E-mail ID, with instructions to reset the password.
  • In case you are unable to access your account for any other reason, please contact O2PrePay customer care number to get your account suspended.
3. Miscellaneous

O2PrePay has a limited role in processing payments that the user authorizes or initiates. Therefore, it is important for the user to understand that O2PrePay is in no way involved in any sort of transaction that takes place between two different users, merchant, bank or any other third party. O2PrePay is not a bank and we do not offer any banking services.

O2PrePay has the freedom to use the services offered by one or more third parties to provide the necessary “Services” to its users.

O2PrePay is not a selling agent. Therefore, any good or service provided by any third party should not be considered a liability of O2PrePay. We have no control over quality, fitness, safety and any other aspect of goods or services that the user may purchase using the website of O2PrePay from a third party website.

O2PrePay does not misguide its users in terms of compatibility, correctness, accuracy, reliability or any other feature of the service. User is solely responsible for all the services availed by him.

O2PrePay will take all the necessary and possible measures that ensure the maximum security of the Payment Details, Registration Data or other personal information (collectively, "Personal Information") provided by the user.

4. Disclaimer

It depends on the discretion of O2PrePay to validate, change, modify or alter any information contained in these terms and conditions. O2PrePay does not hold any responsibility to share an update with its users regarding any change/update in this document/policy. It is, therefore, a user’s responsibility to keep oneself aware of all these modifications done by O2PrePay from time to time.